Daily routine

preschool 32Morning

The Village Hall is open from 9am, at which time parents/carers are invited into to the large hall, which offers parents and children the opportunity to socialise before the preschool doors open. A selection of books is made available for those parents who would like to spend this time reading with their children.

9:15 Doors open
9:30 Registration and “good morning”
9:40-10:30 Table top activities and children’s choice

Each morning three tables are set up: one with creative activities; one with maths/science activities and another with messy play. Children are invited to choose a further activity to put on the carpet. In addition children are able to free play within the preschool environment.

10:30 Tidy-up time
10:35 Quiet reading

During this time children are encouraged to look at books by themselves or with a preschool practitioner.

10:45 Show and tell and story time/singing

This is circle time in which children all sit together to present their “show and tell” to their peers. We also enjoy a story that is read to the class and group singing.

11:00 Wash hands
11:05 Snack time

Children all sit together at tables and are provided with a selection of fruit and a drink of milk or water.

11:25-12:15 Free play

This session is in the hall or the garden, encouraging physical activity.

12:15 Morning session closes and lunchtime commences for those staying a full day

At lunch children are sat together, during which time we are able to teach age appropriate table manners.


Our afternoon session comprises much more free play, still using our table top and children’s choice activities and giving children full access to the preschool facilities. Keeping our afternoons flexible also allows us to arrange local outings in and around the village.