The management committee

Our management committee is essential to the smooth and effective running of the preschool. It is responsible for:

  • Managing finances
  • Employing and managing staff
  • Ensuring the preschool provides a high quality service
  • Organising social and fundraising events
  • Manages communication between staff, committee and parents/carers

Our current management committee officers are:

Chair – Debbie Farrell

Debbie has been the Chair of Ewelme Village Preschool since July 2013, after joining the committee in February 2013. She oversees the running of the preschool and its staff, carrying out staff appraisals twice a year. Debbie is responsible for ensuring we have a full committee; arranging meetings every half term. She is responsible for fundraising for the preschool.  Debbie is a trained textile designer and art teacher.

Secretary – Zoe Dewar

Zoe is responsible for taking minutes at all meetings and writing articles for local publications.

Treasurer – Kerry Sawyer

Kerry is responsible for all financial matters, including invoicing and budgets.


We always welcome new committee members. If you are interested in joining the management committee please contact the committee chair, by using our Contact Us form on our website.