Our environment

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Ewelme Village Preschool has been designed to inspire creativity, a love for learning and provide opportunities for many types of play.

We have a fabulous two-storey home corner, fully equipped to encourage a wide range of creative role play among peers, allowing children’s imaginations to run wild. We also have dressing up, sand and water play, and challenging and interesting table top activities available each day.

Our computer enables children to learn literacy and numeracy skills while playing games.

We have a pet gerbil and fish, with which the children love to be involved; feeding, playing and even clearing out the cage!

We also use the large village hall, which means children can enjoy physical activity, no matter what the weather. We are equipped with many toys: bikes, scooters, sports equipment, soft play, balancing beams, stilts and climbing frames, to name but a few.

Our garden is designed as an outdoor classroom, allowing us to do anything we do inside, outside, and more. It comprises a large sandpit, climbing frame, areas for planting and outdoor exploration.

Our wall displays are constantly changing, thanks to the wonderful work children are able to do whilst at Ewelme Village Preschool. If you would like to see more, then please get in touch to arrange a visit.