Our approach

wall displayWe understand that one of the biggest steps for both parent and child is the first day at preschool. Our aim is to make that transition as happy as possible by providing a welcoming and home-like environment for your child and working in close partnership with parents/carers throughout a child’s time in our preschool.

From our excellent team of practitioners, your child will be allocated a key person, whose role will be to get to know your child and family. They will be responsible for understanding your child’s interests and abilities, encouraging them to learn at their own pace and will plan carefully for their future learning. They will also be your point of contact and are always available to talk to, should you wish.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage practice guidance to provide a range of activities that enable children to progress in each of the areas of learning and development.  Our exciting programme includes a large range of activities and experiences, both indoors and outdoors. Each day we have three tables set up on arrival: one for creative, one for maths/science and one for messy play.  Children are encouraged to choose an extra activity to put out on the carpet, such as cars, Lego, dolls and so on. We enjoy story time, singing, quiet time and encourage the children to take part in “show and tell”, which helps to develop confidence and understanding of phonics.

In addition, each term is focussed around a pre-planned theme, which we use to develop a child’s enjoyment in learning. In some of the activities children decide how they will learn and in others an adult takes the lead in helping the children take part.

Some recent themes are:

“People who help us”. During this theme we talked about uniformed roles, teachers, nurses and so on. We had visits from a veterinary nurse who brought kittens to show the class and local police, who gave the children the opportunity to sit in a police car.  We also discussed a variety of careers and the children had a chance to sit in a tractor.  It was most definitely the highlight of the week.

“Around the world in 35 days” During this theme we looked at seven countries and their geography, cultures, animals and flags. We encouraged children to try new foods and had a carnival themed party.

We also encourage children to take part in holiday and festival activities such as Chinese New Year, St David’s Day, the Queen’s birthday, Diwali and Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night.

We aim to increase the children’s experiences of their local environment by organising outings throughout the year: walks to the common, around the village and to the church, for example.

All of our activities develop confidence, respect for one another, an interest in learning, understanding of early literacy and mathematical skills, as well as curiosity in the wider world.